Cours supplémentaires / Certificat additionnel

Students may complete a study focus in International, Indigenous, or Adult Education by completing a five- to six-week practicum in the relevant focus area and one course beyond the 20 required for the BEd:

International Education

  • ED 4620 International Education

Indigenous Education

  • ED 4510 Integrating Indigenous Themes in the Curriculum K-12

Adult Education
(one of the following courses based on availability)

  • ED 3630 The Adult Learner
  • ED 3640 Assessment of Adult Learning
  • ED 3680 Curriculum Development
  • ED 3730 Inclusion and Differentiation in Adult Learning

*La décision de compléter des cours supplémentaires est prise après l'entrée dans le programme.

*Ces cours enseignés en anglais