Strategic Enrolment Management

Student enrolment and diversity have grown significantly at UPEI in recent years. A Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) initiative is carefully and methodically planning this future enrolment. This SEM aims to better understand and achieve optimal enrolments, recruitment, retention and graduation rates. In this context, “optimal” is defined as enrolments that uphold a quality education and student success, while operating in a sustainable manner in terms of human, financial and physical resources.

The plan analyzes current and recent enrolment trends at the University over the past decade, including a historical view by Faculty and program. It also aligns with goals and objectives of the UPEI Strategic Plan, for example, to “build upon student recruitment and retention strategies that support continued student enrolment success, as well as timely progression to graduation”. The current state of academic programs is considered in the SEM plan, as well as identified gaps within programs.

The SEM plan analyzes various elements of student enrolments, including international, PEI students, and student accessibility, while prioritizing equity, diversity, inclusion and Indigenization. Also, future directions of recruitment and student services are considered, including admission and registration processes, financial aid, and retention and graduation rates.

Broad consultation across the University community is occurring during this SEM planning process. Unit leaders are developing individual plans within their units through consultation with faculty, librarians, staff and students. These unit plans then inform the University plan. Two subcommittees (student success and resource planning) are focusing on key themes and will inform the overall University plan.

The Steering Committee has developed a framework for the overall plan and recommends specific questions for the subcommittees. Feedback collected from the subcommittees is used to create draft documents for the Steering Committee. Then there is further consultation on these draft documents, for example, within individual units (via Deans and University Librarian and their Councils), and the Student Union.

The Steering Committee and two Subcommittees have broad representation from across campus, including faculty, librarians, staff, students, and academic administrators.

  • Steering Committee: Director of Strategic Planning; Chair, Student Success Subcommittee; Chair, Resource Planning Subcommittee; University Librarian; Undergraduate and graduate student representatives; Associate Vice-President (Students) and Registrar; Associate Vice-President (Research) and Dean of Graduate Studies; and Vice-President, Academic and Research (Chair).
    Read the Steering Committee Terms of Reference
  • Resource Planning Subcommittee: Associate CIO; Undergraduate and graduate student representatives; Faculty Member; TLC Coordinator; Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management and Construction); Comptroller; Scheduling Coordinator; Laboratory Technician; Manager, Accessibility Services; and Dean representative from the APCC Steering Committee (Chair).
    Read the Resource Planning Subcommittee Terms of Reference
  • Student Success Subcommittee: a Dean; Librarian; Undergraduate and graduate student representatives; Director of Recruitment; Director of Student Affairs; Director of Experiential Learning; Director of Marketing and Production; Manager of Institutional Research; and Faculty Member (Chair).
    Read the Student Success Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Any individual or group that wishes to provide input to the process may contact these (sub-)committees, or send other comments or feedback on this SEM process to the Office of the VPAR at