Education research at UPEI involves professors, students, and education professionals from around the world. Through our varied faculty-led research projects, UPEI is engaged in many education initiatives to enhance learning and teaching locally and around the world. 

Child Research International (CRI)

CRI spearheads collaborative, interdisciplinary, community-based research focused at the intersections of early learning, play, health and well-being, cognitive and social development and family and institutional learning environments for children 0-8 years.

Our research is drawn from international contexts and reflects global perspectives on young children. Our group includes researchers from several countries with diverse research programmes but with a common focus on young children's development, health and learning. CRI initiates research that serves:

  • to develop and promote innovations in early child care and education;
  • to contribute to mobilization of new knowledge;
  • to inform and influence public policy;
  • to impact programmes and initiatives for young children living in international communities.

Our three major areas of research are (1) physical, emotional, and cognitive development; (2) play, technology, curriculum, and pedagogy; and (3) early literacy and numeracy, from ages 0 to 8.

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Dr. Ray Doiron
Professor Emeritus
UPEI Faculty of Education

Dr. Martha Gabriel
Professor Emerita
UPEI Faculty of Education

Gabriela Arias de Sanchez 
UPEI Faculty of Education