Campus Card FAQ

The UPEI Campus Card is UPEI’s official identification card for all students, staff, faculty, and community members. It is your personal identification while on campus. Its features extend beyond a simple ID: it is your Robertson Library card, your Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre card, your meal plan card, your laundry card, and your library print and photocopy card. The UPEI Campus Card also acts as a debit card, allowing you to make purchases at retail outlets on campus, and it allows you to enter your gated parking lot.

Where do I get my UPEI Campus Card?

The production and distribution of the UPEI Campus Card takes place at the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre during regular business hours, and in Bill and Denise Andrew Hall between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

How do I add money to my UPEI Campus Card?

The easiest way to add money to your Campus Card is online at You can also add money to your campus card at the following two locations on campus: the Residence Services’ office in Andrew Hall (Campus Map Building #19), and the main Circulation Desk in the Robertson Library (Campus Map Building #15) - see the UPEI Campus Map. You can add money to your Campus Card at the Residence Services’ office in Bill and Denise Andrew Hall with cash, credit card or debit card, and at the Circulation Desk in the Robertson Library with cash only.

Do I need a UPEI Campus Card?

Yes, all students, staff and faculty must have a UPEI Campus Card. Community members wanting to use the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre and Robertson Library will need a valid UPEI Campus Card.

What do I do if my UPEI Campus Card is lost or stolen?

You must first deactivate your card online at (follow the instructions). Until you deactivate your card it can still be used to make purchases and any balance of funds on the card could be at risk. You will need to get a replacement card at either the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre or Bill and Denise Andrew Hall. You are not required to have a new photo taken. The replacement card will be activated when it is produced and any balance of funds transferred over. (Please Note: There is a replacement fee of $20.00 per lost card.)

What if my UPEI Campus Card is not working?

Go to either Bill and Denise Andrew Hall, or the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre. If your card is worn out or defective, a replacement card will be provided. In the event your Campus Card is determined to be damaged through improper use, a replacement fee of $20.00 will be charged in order to receive a new card.

Do I need my UPEI Campus Card to write my exams?

Current examination regulations state: "Students may be required to present their valid UPEI ID card at all examinations scheduled during the official examination periods and sign the signatures list when used." If you are writing an examination, bring your UPEI Campus Card. 

I am an employee of UPEI and I need a UPEI Campus Card. Do I need to bring anything?

You must bring the following: an old UPEI ID card, a valid Driver’s Licence, or a passport. In order to produce a UPEI Campus Card your information must be available in the University Information System (UIS). Replacements of old cards are free of charge; lost cards are subject to the $20.00 replacement fee. Please note: When you are issued a replacement UPEI Campus Card your barcode will change. If you use your campus card for building access, you need to notify Security Services at 902-566-0384 so they can update the bar code number in their system.

If I want to access the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre and/or use the Centre’s equipment, do I need to have my Campus Card?

Everyone who wants to make use of the Sports Centre or sign out equipment is required to present his/her Campus Card.

Where can I use my UPEI Campus card?

Please refer to for a list of all locations where you can use your UPEI Campus Card.

I have money on my UPEI Campus Card - can it be refunded?

Money on your Campus Card that is part of the Food Services Meal Plan Account (retail cash) cannot be refunded, and needs to be used during the academic year that the meal plan is valid for. All other money that has been added to your General Campus Card Account can only be refunded if you stop attending UPEI or your employment with UPEI has ended. If in April, you still have money on your card and want it refunded, you can make arrangements with the Accounting Office to refund your balance. A service fee of $10.00 will apply.

How do I print and photocopy in the Robertson Library?

You will first need money credited to your UPEI Campus Card to print and photocopy. The cost for printing and photocopying will be posted in the Robertson Library. Instructions for printing and photocopying will also be available in the Robertson Library and on their website ( If you are a guest using the Robertson Library, photocopy/print cards are available at the Circulation Desk.

Is there additional information regarding the use of the UPEI Campus Card?

Additional information regarding the Terms and Conditions of the UPEI Campus Card can be viewed by visiting the Campus Card website ( and selecting Campus Cards Terms & Conditions.