Are you having difficulty with a certain subject? Do you require course material explained in an alternate way? Do you need help with organization and time management? If so, a tutor can help you reach your academic potential and goals.

Looking for a tutor?

A tutor can help you:

  • Improve your grades
  • Improve your attitude toward a subject
  • Increase your self esteem
  • Keep you focused and organized

Visit the Tutor Bank website in MyUPEI to meet our tutors.

Looking to become a tutor?

It is our goal to provide quality tutors by verifying that the following specific criteria are met before we approve them for inclusion on our searchable bank:

  • Must have a minimum academic average of 80 percent in courses you wish to tutor
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to work with a variety of learning styles
  • Must have an interest in teaching
  • Must be highly motivated, flexible, and reliable

The Student Affairs tutor bank standards are taken seriously and all applications, regardless of their degree level need to provide documentation clearly demonstrating their level of mastery in the field(s) they wish to tutor. Student Affairs asks for an updated resume, a reference letter from a UPEI professor, and a degree audit (copy) or transcripts.

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