UPEI Action Plan

UPEI Action Plan: Building a Culture of Trust, Safety, and Inclusion

The UPEI Action Plan: Building a Culture of Trust, Safety, and Inclusion is a critical roadmap for UPEI and our community members over the next five years.

The plan outlines a strong commitment to our community that we will work with an enhanced level of governance, transparency, and accountability to make the changes needed to improve campus culture by building trust, safety, and inclusion.

The UPEI Action Plan outlines numerous initiatives that focus on realigning our university’s actions with our institutional values. The plan has an intentional focus to support efforts that enable reconciliation.

Read the plan: https://files.upei.ca/publications/upei_action_plan_2024.pdf

UPEI Action Plan Goals

The UPEI Action Plan is structured around four key goals that aim to:

  • acknowledge and demonstrate accountability for the issues within the University of Prince Edward Island Review;
  • strengthen UPEI’s governance and leadership structure;
  • improve UPEI’s campus culture; and
  • put in place new policies and processes that focus on preventing and addressing discrimination, harm, and violence at UPEI.

Undoubtedly, it will take hard work and significant collaboration for UPEI to deliver on these commitments.

Annual Implementation Plans and Audit

To maintain a strong focus on meeting our goals, the University will prepare a comprehensive implementation plan for each year of the UPEI Action Plan.

The annual implementation plans will include the specific activities that will be undertaken in that year. Activities will be stated in an auditable (meaning measurable and observable) manner.

  • Implementation plans will be added to the website as they are developed.
  • Annual progress reports on the implementation plans will be generated.
  • Audits of the annual progress reports will be conducted by the applicable practitioner to the appropriate national audit standard.
  • Audit results will be shared publicly.
Ongoing Campus Consultation and Feedback 

In keeping with our goal of building a culture of listening, your feedback on ways to improve our campus culture continues to be welcomed and appreciated.

Consultation with our campus members will continue in various ways. In addition, further consultation will take place to gather input from campus and community members on the progress of the UPEI Action Plan midway through plan implementation.

If you need support, visit our Community Supports page for a list of services available to the UPEI community.