Centre for Christianity and Culture

The newly established Centre for Christianity and Culture is a research and study centre focussing on Christianity’s impact and perspective on the intellectual and cultural life of Western civilization.

The Centre co-ordinates various academic and community initiatives:

  • a minor degree in Catholic Studies;
  • Christianity and Culture minor;
  • student awards and scholarships;
  • hosting internationally recognized visiting lecturers, public discussions, debates, and workshops;
  • annual and biennial conferences on science and religion, ethics, politics, and current events; and
  • purchasing books and audiovisual material for Robertson Library.

All these endeavours ensure that our students, faculty, and community are offered the best opportunities to explore the richness of Christian thought.

Most importantly the Centre co-ordinates the intellectual life of those students who are interested in Christianity. It addresses their continued concerns and education on a daily basis, fosters dialogue, encourages engagement with political and social issues, and creates a genuine community. The Centre is primarily a concrete way of ensuring a lively presence of the Christian intellectual, cultural, and spiritual heritage in the life of the University, and PEI’s community.

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