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Master of Education Student Handbook

Starting an MEd? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

1. What are my required courses?

Please refer to the MEd program page for required courses and other information.

2. Do I have to take the three electives selected for me?

No. You may take any three electives but you may not be eligible for an additional designation (if one is offered for your cohort).

3. Can I take a course before my cohort starts?

No, unless you are planning to take ED 6110 - Introduction to Research first as this course is a pre-requisite for all other courses. The introduction to research course provides the foundation for the MEd program. Students are introduced to writing standards at the graduate level, formatting (e.g., APA), and introduced to research methods. This knowledge and skills foundation is needed to be successful in other courses.

4. Can I use previous Education courses I've taken at UPEI toward an MEd?

Please contact the co-ordinator for more information.

5. What does an "A" paper look like?

Sample "A" paper

6. What does a "B" paper look like?

Sample "B" paper

7. I paid $50 to apply and was accepted. Now what?

To hold your seat you must pay another $1,000 deposit. This amount will be credited towards your tuition fee when you start the program.

8. I would like to do a thesis as part of my MEd degree. How do I get that rolling?

You must first complete two courses and then you set up a meeting with the Graduate Studies Coordinator. If we have a faculty member in your area of specialization who is available to work with you, then we can set up an initial meeting to discuss what that journey would look like. Keep in mind, we are a small faculty with a defined range of expertise. 

9. How long do I have to complete my MEd degree?

The allowable time is two years. However, you may apply for an extension if you have experienced extenuating circumstances that has prevented you from completing your courses as scheduled.

10. I’m a domestic student. How much does the MEd degree cost?

Visit for a breakdown of tuition and fees.  

11. I’m an international student. How much does the MEd degree cost?

Visit for a breakdown of tuition and fees.  

12. Why do international students pay much higher tuition than domestic students?

Canadian public universities are supported by the Canadian government; Canadian taxpayers pay taxes to the government that are used for public education. For that main reason, Canadian students pay a lower tuition rate than international students whose parents do not pay taxes to the Canadian government.

13. Can I take more than 1 course per semester?

Yes, but working full time and taking two courses is a heavy load. Global Perspectives students are on-campus full-time and take two to three courses per term.

14. How do I opt out of insurance?

To opt out of the UPEI insurance program go to, choose UPEI SU, then opt out. From there you will need to fill out the form and upload proof of insurance (copy of the card, letter from the insurance company or previous claim). From there it will take 5-7 business days for the fees to come off of your account. The first day to opt out is August 15 and the deadline is September 28. You must apply to opt out each year. ​

15. Can I take a course twice with a different cohort code number and get a second credit?

No. The curriculum outcomes for the course would be the same hence you would be learning the same content.

16. How can I find student support services?

Many student support services can be found on the UPEI Student Affairs website, including links to counselling, tutoring, and other personal and academic supports.

Additionally, the UPEI SAFE app features a "Support Resources" section as well as contacts, crisis alerts, location services features, in-app tip reporting, and much more!

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