Current Students


Mentors for English majors

The English Department offers an optional mentor program for Majors, to help them through the degree and beyond. A mentor can offer:

  • advice about courses and programs;
  • suggestions for careers, exchange, and summer research opportunities;
  • a sounding board for challenges and problems through the year;
  • a potential reference for graduate, education, and job interviews.

Typically, a student meets with his or her mentor at the beginning of term, and then keeps in touch informally through the year -- the way you meet is up to the two of you.

To request a mentor, send an email with your name, year, interests, and contact information to Shannon Murray at by September 30.

Senior Student Information

Graduating with an English Major? It's exciting to be nearing the end of your degree at UPEI, but it can also be a little daunting. The good news is that the liberal education you receive through your English Major and Arts degree make you highly suited to and sought after in a variety of attractive fields: essentially anything that requires strong ability in critical thinking, reading, research, and writing.

We'll offer some suggestions, links, resources, and supports here to help English majors with their transition to the world AFTER the degree.

And the seminar entitled "Literature, Work, and the World" is designed to ease that transition: it includes a skills portfolio and a job shadow, as well as a chance to reflect on all you've achieved and learned through your years at UPEI.

Further Studies

Many English majors go on to further studies in a variety of specialized fields; here are just a few:

  • Graduate Studies in literature
  • Education
  • Law
  • Medicine (it's true!)
  • Library Science
  • Museum Studies
  • Journalism

Other Careers

A very good resource for career options is Great Jobs for English Majors, which lists dozens and dozens of possible career titles, including

  • editing
  • professional writing
  • advertising
  • public relations
  • customer relations
  • human resources
  • research

Relevant Links