Mi'kmaq Language Websites

Mi'kmaq Online
An online talking dictionary of Mi'kmaw words, searchable in Mi'kmaw or English. Each word is pronounced by at least three speakers.

Jilaptoq amalgamates resources, stories, prayers, books and other learning resources in Mi’kmaw.

Learn Mi'gmaq Online
Online language lessons

Learn Mi'gmaq
Mi'gmaw flashcards

First Voices Mi'kmaw Community Portal
Language resources including games, keyboard help and a kids' portal.

A daily word Twitter account.

Mi'kmawey Debert Cultural Centre
This site includes recordings of elders' stories, resources for language and education, information about Mi'kmaq communities and more.

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk - Aboriginal Language
A collection of resources for language learning, including lessons, vocabulary, songs, stories, etc.

Useful Mi’kmaq Apps

A flashcard app with common Mi'kmaw phrases relating to children and child care.

Common Mi'kmaq words and phrases.

Mi'kmaw phrase-building app

A collection of Mi'kmaw songs and poems.

ESL Sight Words / Klusuaqnn
An app to support learning at home.

Mi'kmaw opposites game.

Common prayers and songs in Mi'kmaq.