Senior Class Awards, 2022–2023

The University of Prince Edward Island acknowledges the achievements of our graduating students, as well as the generous support of donors, by presenting Senior Class Awards every year. Several major prizes and medals are presented at the Convocation ceremonies while other awards are celebrated at a number of events during Convocation Week.


The Dr. Margaret F. Munro Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduation Award | Larissa French
The Dr. Margaret F. Munro Graduation Award in Accelerated Nursing | Isabelle Spinney
The Dr. R.G. Thomson Academic Achievement Medal | Sydney Boychuk


The Governor General’s Medal (Graduate) and The Faculty of Graduate Studies Award of Distinction | Hamed Bozorgi
The Michael F. Cassidy Business Life Award | Ella Doucette
The Professor Don MacEwen School of Sustainable Design Engineering Inspirational Award | Salma Elmalt


The UPEI Alumni Association Graduating Student Award and The Ambrose Lee Graduation Prize (Arts) | Jon Debly
The Faculty of Education Prize | Karla Lynch
The Rory Beck Outstanding Academic and Athletic Leadership Award | Zachary Wilson


The Governor General’s Medal (Undergraduate) | Alexander Arsenault
The Ambrose Lee Graduation Prize (Science) | Benjamin Caron
The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Graduating Student Award | Negin Amou
The H. Wade MacLauchlan Raised Expectations Graduation Medal | Jacob Parent
The Dr. J. Regis Duffy Academic Achievement Award | John Vos



American College of Veterinary Surgeons Award in:

  • Large Animal Surgery | Natalie Juris
  • Small Animal Surgery | Raylene Noftall

Hooligan Equine Award | Jonathan Budd
Promising Practitioners Awards | Kasadee Allan and Megan MacDiarmid
Baron Pound Award | Austin Hetherington
Sully Cady Community Practice Award | Raelyn McCurdy
Zoetis Award for Excellence in Companion Animal Health Care | Nima Morady
Bob Rosenthal Senior Student Award | Roshan McGuinness
Pathology Achievement Award | Sydney Boychuk
Phibro Animal Health Award in Aquaculture | Daniel Maguire
American College of Veterinary Pathologists Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathology | Quinn Molnar
Herd Health Award | Meagan MacDiarmid
Zoetis Award for Excellence in Equine Practice | Julia Bland
George & Margaret Peake Scholarship | Pamela Arsenault
Boehringer Ingelheim Award in Vaccinology | Emma Boutilier
Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award | Nima Morady
Spirit of ’90 Award | Kasadee Allan
The Collicott Charitable Foundation “Bailey” Award | Sarah Guillemette
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Certificates of Clinical Excellence in:

  • Small Animal Medicine | Kira Kenny and Phoebe Grant
  • Large Animal Medicine | Pamela Arsenault

American Association of Feline Practitioners Award | Michaela Arseneau
American College of Veterinary Radiology Award | Pamela Arsenault
Doug & Rose Walker Award | Kelson Devereaux
Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Award for Proficiency in Emergency & Critical Care | Isabella Robert
Dr. Debbie Musgrave Memorial Award | Jennifer Kim-Bazard
Kurlee McFarlane/Dr. Caroline Runyon Award in Small Animal Surgery | Christine Boucher
Digby & Tully Hassard Companion Animal Wellness Award | Larissa Carr
Jewell Family “Peggy” Award | Joycelyn Francis 
Wallace G. (Wally) Wood Memorial Award | Katie McQueen
Dr. R.A. Curtis Bovine Award | Meagan MacDiarmid
Zoetis Award for Excellence in Food Animal Medicine | Katherine Lahey
Proficiency in Theriogenology Award | Kasadee Allan
Harris Family Scholarship | Raylene Noftall
Elanco Parasitology Award | Laura Hillier
Atlantic Provinces Diagnostic Services Award | Jacob Bowker
American College of Veterinary Anesthesia Award | Natalie Juris
Oscar & Piper Honeyman Yarrow Award | Julia Bland
Dr. Brian L. Hill Memorial Award | Phoebe Grant
Spirit of Spike Award | Andrew Cutler
Dr. Greg Fleming Memorial Award | Karen Yetman
Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada Transforming Lives Award | Yoo Jin Christine Kim
Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada Small Animal Clinical Nutrition Award | Christine Boucher
Victoria Margaret Jones Memorial Award | Christianna Gardner
Class of 2021 Plaid Pitties Award for Resilience | Joseph Buzzell
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Staff Award | Dillon Scott
AVC Class of ’23 Award for Mental Health Stewardship | Natalie Heembrock


The Ramasamy Nagarajan Memorial Award | Chioma Onyeagolum
The Honourable Chief Justice John Paton Nicholson Memorial Award Austen Clayton
The Dr. Satadal Dasgupta Memorial Award | Sarah Cassell
The Ron Irving Award for Excellence in Theatre | MacKenzie Cutcliffe
The David Austin O’Malley-Keyes Memorial Award | Hannah Aitken
The Lena C. McLure Music Scholarship | Olive MacPhail
The Long & McQuade Award of Excellence | Olive MacPhail
The Mary O. Kinch Music Education Prize | Olive MacPhail
The Joan Doreen Thompson Memorial Music Award | Jeffrey Gravina
The Bonnie L. MacPherson Memorial Award | Nicole Brenner
The Donalda MacDonald CUPE Award | Krysta Gillis
The Frank J. Costello Scholarship | Kaltrina Jaha
The Henry Havelock MacFarlane Memorial Award | Jon Debly
The H. Min Chiang Award | Bing-Yi Pan and Kaltrina Jaha
The PEI’s Famous Five Graduating Student Award | Chloe Greenan
The Public Archives of Prince Edward Island Prize | Zachary Wilson
The Honourable Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Scholarship | Zachary Wilson
The Robert L. Pace—Maritime Broadcasting System Scholarship | Justin Arenburg and Abigail Cox
The Catherine Innes-Parker Memorial Award | Grace McGuirk
The J. Jarvis Stewart Religious Studies Scholarship | Mary Theresa Pitre
The Ambassador of France Prize | Geetika Mahima Tacouri


The Freda Cox Memorial Award | Diem Bui
The Hyndman & Company Limited Prize | Madison Orser
The J. Ian Vessey Award | Trudie-Ann Phillips
The Paul “Ryan” Pineau Award | Anqi Dai
The Chartered Professional Accountants of PEI Award for Leadership | Cameron Hewton
The Chartered Professional Accountants of PEI Award | Samantha Cullen
The Class of ’98 Leadership Award | Leena Daboo


The PEI Retired Teachers’ Association Graduation Prize | Kristie Carkner
The Sisters of Notre Dame Convent BEd Graduating Student Award | Elizabeth MacKay
The Eric Stanley Hillis Memorial Award | Jennifer Stewart
The Community Foundation of PEI—Thomas & Betty Hall Excellence Award | Breagh Bruce
The Edward J. McAdam & Rena C. McAdam Memorial Education Awards (BEd Practicum) | Emma St. Onge, Kaitlin Morrison, and Emily Waugh
The Edward J. McAdam & Rena C. McAdam Memorial Education Awards (BEd English and French) | Michelle Vieira and Keli Trumpler
The Elinor (MacDonald) MacLellan Scholarship | Jessica Chesser-Davison
The Anne Hopkins Award | Alexander Stokes


The Dorothy C. Hall Nursing Scholarship | Isabelle Spinney and Benjamin MacMillan
The Frank and Mary Elizabeth Bostwick Nursing Award | Larissa French
The Stan and Helen Buell Graduating Student Nursing Award | Hallie Currie
The Dr. Margaret F. Munro Award for Nursing Leadership | Hallie Currie
The Floyd and Hilda Drake Memorial Award | Amanda Pinkham
The Ethel Williams Memorial Nursing Award | Jordan MacPhee
The Vera Murray Memorial Nursing Award | Bethany DesRoches
The Edward J. McAdam & Rena C. McAdam Memorial Nursing Award | Isabelle Spinney and Alanna Baumann


The Father Charlie Cheverie Award | Sabine Gross
The Prince of Wales College Class of 1938 Award | Benjamin Caron
The Honourable John Richards Prize | Benjamin Caron
The Gordon DeBlois Memorial Award | Agustina Cohen
The Dr. Leon Loucks Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry | Justine Guidon
The Honourable Gordon L. Bennett Award | Han Nguyen
The BioVectra Inc. Prize | Aadesh Nunkoo
The Jeff Praught Award in Mathematics | Aadesh Nunkoo
The Dr. Graeme and Alberta (Bryant) Boswall Award | Aadesh Nunkoo
The Psychological Association of Prince Edward Island Award | Duncan Murray
The Sisters of Saint Martha—Sister Ellen Mary Cullen Award | Humphrey Muthoni
The Mrs. W. Chester S. McLure Memorial Award (1st Place) | Leah Vatcher
The Mrs. W. Chester S. McLure Memorial Award (2nd Place) | Khanh Linh Nguyen
The Gottschall-Pass and MacDonald Award | Alexander Arsenault
The Gerald M. “Gerry” Birt Memorial Award | Sarah MacMaster
The Top Graduating Student—Bachelor of Environmental Studies Award | Emma Doucette
The UPEI Class of 1989 Award | Zahrah Purahoo


The Crawford Mathis Memorial Award for Leadership | Kyle Kennedy
The Noel MacAleer Award | Tanguy Rugamba
The Engineers PEI Graduating Student Award | Oluwaseyi Afolayan
The Eddie & Babe Brown Memorial Engineering Award | Kaelyn MacLeod
The Fulton Cousins Memorial Scholarship | Lucas Vanderaa


The Jacob G. Schurman Memorial Graduate Studies Award | Toyin Adekanmbi
The UPEI Graduate Chemistry Award | Tara Misener
The UPEI Graduate Nursing Award | Sydney Gaudet
The UPEI Deans of Nursing Scholarship | Sydney Gaudet
The Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards of Distinction

  • Arts | Fiona Steele
  • Business | Heather MacLean
  • Education | Kendra MacLaren
  • Nursing | Sydney Gaudet
  • Science | Toyin Adekanmbi
  • Sustainable Design Engineering | Lucas Gallant
  • Veterinary Medicine | Daniel Wambua Muasya