three vetcamp participants wearing surgical gowns

Here's what people have to say about the AVC Vet Camp:

"My child benefited immensely, not only from the depth and breadth of knowledge she acquired but also for giving her a taste of UPEI and the diversity of career possibilities if she does decide to study veterinary medicine."

"She had attended another vet camp at a different college and she said that she learned more at AVC because although they covered a lot of the same material, AVC was more hands-on and she felt that helped her learn the material more easily."

"The material covered at AVC Vet Camp allowed my child to learn about the variety of things that veterinarians do as well as learn more about animals.I have never seen him so engaged in a learning activity! This will provide great motivation as he plans his goals."

"He is more driven and focused, having had the opportunity to explore some rudimentaries of what veterinary medicine entails. It is astoundingly remarkable and impressive to me how much my son’s confidence has soared."

"My child has not stopped talking about vet camp since day 1. They have made friends and had experiences that not many kids get to do. It was smooth and flowed well. I felt they were in good hands and well cared for."

"I felt that it was extremely well organized and run. I felt that the communication was exceptional and I knew what was going on at all times…"

"(My son) has been waiting for 2 years to be old enough to apply and was beyond excited to attend this year. He said it was everything he was hoping for and would love to be able to go back. I have enjoyed listening to him talk about everything they had done all week."

"The staff and student counsellors were very professional, friendly, and supportive."