three students working in animal surgery

Here's what some of our AVC Summer Academy alumni had to say!

"The first day was both overwhelming but exhilarating.  There is a wide variety of topics covered, which I find intriguing.  To be in a program that is strictly focused on the career path I want to pursue is fulfilling."

"Absolutely loved today - I learned so much in only one day.  Great valuable knowledge I'll use for years to come."

"Thank you so much for such a great experience and realistic view of vet school at AVC."

"I really enjoyed the Pharmacology lecture and Farm Services! I also found the application process lecture very informative."

"I thought this program was brilliant!  An amazing experience."

"Would do it again in a second."

"I really enjoyed this last day, not only for the first hand look at large animal hospital techniques, but that we had the opportunity to talk with actual students and hear their stories."

"It's a good eye opener if you are unsure if vet med is the thing for you."

"The structure and everything we got to see was awesome!"

"Very reasonable price for the amount of activities and the amount of information we got."

"One of my favorites was the suture clinic with the pig's foot.  It was really hands on and interesting."