The Senior-Year Experience in Arts

When someone asks what you’ll do with an Arts degree, say “Anything I want!”

The future looks good for Arts graduates in the 21st century. Still, the approach to graduation can be both exciting and daunting. As you look forward to the transition between your undergraduate experience and the next steps on your path, consider a few things that can make this last year a truly transformative experience.

In your final year or years, take some courses designed to integrate your learning, such as:

  • Seminars: many departments offer intense small group experiences in the upper years that call on the students to contribute significantly to the learning in the class;
  • Special Topics or Directed Reading Courses: many departments also offer an option for students to design a reading course under the supervision of a faculty member, often listed with a “492” designation;
  • Honours Projects: EnglishHistoryPsychology, and Sociology and Anthropology all offer Honours degrees which include an Honours thesis or project;
  • Arts 401: this capstone course -- open to all Arts majors -- looks at the history, purpose, and uses of a Liberal Arts education and includes a career portfolio that provides tangible proof of their job skills, experience, and knowledge.

UPEI also has a variety of supports, activities, and opportunities to help you make a smooth transition from a Bachelor’s degree to a career, including:

  • A Career Counsellor: this is a free service to UPEI students and alumni. 
  • Career Cruising: this is an online program to help you think about the variety of careers open to Arts grads: all UPEI students have access to this program. 
  • Career Portfolios:  the Faculty of Arts offers annual workshops devoted to constructing a career portfolio – watch this space for details. For more information on career portfolios for Arts majors, contact Shannon Murray (
  • Resume Writing and Cover letters:  UPEI has a variety of ways to help you hone your resume or cover letter, including online resources and tutors through the Writing Centre.

If you know the career you want, think about an UPEI alumni mentor. UPEI Connect is an online networking program powered by the Ten Thousand Coffees platform. It matches alumni from around the globe with students and recent grads to develop important professional relationships.

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