Supports and Resources for Mental Health Week

Relationships Matter!

Yes, that’s the theme, but it’s true and it’s important. 

Everyone can help!

People often say they are worried they will say the wrong thing when approached about responding to mental health concerns. While there is certainly a place for well-trained and well-informed professionals, what we see over and over again is that a caring community can be as important to overall well being. If you care enough to give your time, and if you make the fact that you care be the central focus of your communication, then chances are very good that what you say will be the thing that you should say. 

Occasionally, when we care enough to get involved, we become aware of situation we don’t feel ready for. Here are some sites that my help you find the information, or the expert help that is needed. The following resources are more informational – you may find them useful yourself, or you may want to share them:

  • If there is talk of suicide (Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • How make a referral (University of Washington)
  • Choosing a counsellor (
    • The single biggest controllable predictor of success in therapy is client-therapist fit, but sometimes it can be hard for people who’ve had an unsuccessful encounter with a counsellor or therapist to consider trying again. 
  • Taking care of yourself (
    • Although these are aimed at professional helpers, the advice in this article can apply to many people. It is also worth noting that if professionals need to pay attention to this aspect of helping others it’s worth it for everyone else too.


The following links are to various helping organizations on campus, off campus and nationally that can help someone find the support they need.