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Edwin Darby and Margaret Bishop-Darby Scholarship
Maximum Amount: Minimum of 1000
Faculty: Science
Application Form: Application Form
Occasion: Entrance
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted to a student entering UPEI from a Prince County, PEI high school who is enrolled in the Environmental Studies program or the pre-veterinary medicine stream in the Faculty of Science (with preference given to a student who intends to pursue a career in large animal veterinary medicine), and who is not in receipt of another donor funded scholarship or award greater than $5,000. The successful candidate will be in good academic standing in their last two years of high school and can demonstrate - through employment, volunteer work or their background - a real interest in pursuing either one of the disciplines noted above. If there are two equally qualifying candidates, the one in greatest financial need will prevail.
Background: Edwin Darby was born on May 24th, 1899 in Abrams Village and educated at the local school. Fluently bilingual, he spent many years as a Director of the local Egmont Bay and Mount Carmel Exhibition where he won numerous prizes for his horses, dairy cows and silver foxes. Ever community-minded, he served as President of the Central Farmers Institute, Vice-President of the Island Sheep Breeders Association, a Director of the Summerside Coop Store, a Delegate to PEI Dairyman's Association, and a Director of Amalgamated Dairies Limited where he worked for 17 years. The health of his animals, family and community was always his top priority. He enjoyed playing the fiddle, cards, and fishing trout. Margaret (Bishop) Darby was born on a farm outside of Wellington, PEI. Educated at the school on the Western Road, she became an avid reader, an excellent organ player and, by necessity, a proponent of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. A farm girl, then wife, she was at ease around animals. In fact, there were few, if any, farm jobs that could not, or did not, do. She was also competitive - winning many red ribbons for her flowers, baked goods and preserves in the local Exhibition. Family, church, and work were the touchstones of her life. This scholarship was established by the Darby family to honour the lives and legacies of Edwin and Margaret.
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