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Bill and Gladys Hambly Award
Maximum Amount: $1,000
Faculty: Business
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: 01-Oct
Occasion: Fall
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: The Bill and Gladys Hambly Award will be granted annually to a returning student who: has a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship, is in good academic standing, is pursuing a degree in the UPEI Faculty of Business, and is in financial need.
Background: Kathy Hambly, Member of the UPEI Board of Governors and Chair of its Development, Fundraising, and External Relations Committee, has a long history of supporting not-for-profit organizations and giving back to her community. She has experience in many areas, not the least of which is as a successful private business owner, as the institutional lead for marketing and development for a national organization, and as the head of a capital city's chamber of commerce. Throughout her professional career Kathy has consistently volunteered her time and expertise to the benefit of her community. She believes her passion for business and success in her chosen fields are a direct result of her childhood and formative years. Her parents, Bill and Gladys Hambly, demonstrated qualities of integrity, dedication, and passion and were both diligent entrepreneurs. In honour of her parents, Kathy has established this award for students who have an interest in pursuing entrepreneurial initiatives as students and graduates.
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