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James "Jim" E. L. Pratt Memorial Scholarship
Maximum Amount: 1000
Faculty: Science
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: Oct-1 or Feb-1
Occasion: Fall or Winter
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted to a full time undergraduate student enrolled in a bachelor degree program in the Faculty of Science at UPEI who will study abroad as part of his/her UPEI education.
Background: James (Jim) Pratt was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but moved to Prince Edward Island with his family in 1969. Although he subsequently moved to Saskatoon in 1973, he always had a soft spot for PEI and visited several times in later years. Jim was a warm, gentle man, with a happy, carefree nature, which drew others to him. He was proud of his Viking heritage from his Icelandic mom, so evident in his tall, broad-shouldered frame and vibrant red hair. His main passion in life was his family, particularly his wife Lyla and his son Erik. He also loved listening to music and had an extensive music collection comprised mostly of the old rock and roll which he grew up with; but he had an appreciation for any genre of music performed well. Jim also enjoyed watching old movies, particularly comedies, and debating any issue with great fervor. He was also a fantastic cook, and he and his wife frequently enjoyed entertaining family and their many friends. Unfortunately Jim had a congenital heart defect and suffered from serious heart disease from a young age. He spent most of the last year of his life in the hospital but was always upbeat and positive and convinced that he was going to be able to return to PEI with his wife Lyla to spend some time at his older sister?s cottage. Unfortunately that was not meant to be and he passed away at the age of 59 due to complications after heart transplant surgery. Jim had a sharp intellect and although he never completed postsecondary education, he was a strong believer in lifelong education and an avid reader of up to 100 books or more a year. He was a strong believer in practical learning and would be proud to know that this award will allow students in the Faculty of Science to spend a term abroad to expand their knowledge of the world. Jim will be remembered by his wife, his son, his three siblings, his stepchildren, and his many lifelong friends for his love of life, his free spirit, his courage in the face of serious illness, and his determination to live every day to the fullest. This award is established by his sister Debbie MacLellan to honour this amazing man.
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