UPEI Physics Department faculty are actively conducting research in the fields of Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science, Medical Physics, and Physics Education.

A number of ongoing research projects are designed to allow for student participation in the form of Honours research projects, special topics studies, and as employment during the summer months. If you are an undergraduate student and a career in physics interests you, come by and talk to us about getting involved in our research.

A few of our ongoing projects:

  • Materials Science and Instrumentation (Supervisor: Dr. D. C. Dahn)
  • Positron Annihilation studies of defects in metals (Supervisor: Dr. D. W. Lawther)
  • Statistical Physics of Complex Systems (Supervisor: Dr. S. B. Opps)
  • Computer simulation / Polymers (Supervisor: Dr. J. Polson) 
  • Biomedical Optics and Medical Physics (Supervisor: Dr. W. Whelan)