Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Overview: Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is a major area of concern within every workplace in Canada, and it features many rules and regulations administered by provincial governments. Yet, relatively few people have much training in workplace OHS. Without proper oversight, policies, and program implementation—and regular review—in OHS, employees can be injured and or killed at the workplace, with employers and management held liable.

The Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety will give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to be competent in creating and overseeing a safe workplace that is steeped and knowledgeable in the rules, regulations and legislation regarding OHS on Prince Edward Island. Within the certificate program, topics like legislation, responsibilities, and due diligence will be discussed, as well as creating a realistic, relevant but thorough program for OHS within the workplace, how to properly implement and revise that OHS program, as well as how to properly handle OHS incidents when they take place.

At the end of the certificate program, participants will know and be confident in their organization’s responsibilities for OHS, be able to ensure those responsibilities are met and safety within the workplace is always at the forefront, and how to handle any issues involving OHS that may occur.

Designed for: Managers, human resources personnel, and employers tasked with OHS supervision.

Type of Delivery: In-person and virtual.

Duration: Three courses for a total of eighteen hours.

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pederson

Cost: $1,340 for the entire certificate; $449 plus HST for each individual course.

More information: Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety flyer (.pdf)


Course Dates Status
OHS Program Development
In-person; Room 102, UPEI Alumni Hall; 9:00 am–4:00 pm
OHS Program Implementation
Online and in person; Room 102, UPEI Alumni Hall; 9:00 am–4:00 pm