Collaborative Leadership - Facilitating the Process

The Collaborative Leadership Certificate is comprised of four courses:

  • Introduction to Collaboration and Facilitation
  • Leading Creative Change
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Collaboration and Facilitation: Practice and Feedback

Duration: Six (6) days
Cost: $2,394


Introduction to Collaboration and Facilitation

This highly interactive workshop will provide the background and skills required to become a successful collaborator, leader and facilitator. Over the two days, participants will explore the concepts of collaboration, adult learning principles, and facilitation. They will also practice facilitation techniques and consulting skills through a simulation and the preparation of a personal plan of action. This workshop will give direction and build a solid foundation for the subsequent workshops and the overall program. Participants will have the opportunity to share their expectations of the course and set direction for its delivery.

Leading Creative Change

This workshop will help participants understand the process of change and transformation and how individual communications styles and preferences can impact our work. Participants will examine their own experience of change; discover the difference between change and transformation; learn how to predict the success of a proposed change; recognize different reactions to change; and determine how to lead creative and safe change in the workplace.

Facilitation Skills

Participants will gain a greater understanding of group development and dynamics. A variety of approaches to leading groups and dealing with difficult situations and conflict will be modeled and practiced. Participants will take away tips and tools for transforming tense or difficult situations and helping groups move forward. They will reflect on their role and approach as leaders and facilitators in group dynamics and development.

Collaboration and Facilitation: Practice and Feedback

This final two-day workshop will allow participants to deepen their understanding of skills for collaboration and facilitation as well as review and practice the learning from all of the course work to date.  Teams will have the opportunity to facilitate an interactive, participatory process and create a plan for action, and receive feedback on both. The two-days and program will close with a round table discussion on collaborative leadership and facilitation.