Ancillary Services

Austin Clement
Director, Conference and Ancillary Services

The Department of Ancillary Services at the University of Prince Edward Island encompasses a variety of ancillary-type operations that are supportive and supplementary to UPEI’s core academic functions.

The Department includes the major units of Conference Services, Residence Services, and the University’s Bookstore, as well as administers and manages contracts relating to Food Services, vending the cold beverage agreement, and more.


Megan Ratchford
Administrative Assistant
Ancillary Services
Andrew Hall 124


Ancillary Service is a dedicated team committed to supporting the mission of the University of Prince Edward Island. This is achieved by consistently providing, support, products, and services that enhance the quality of education and overall experience for students, faculty, staff, and members of the broader community.  We strive to provide excellent customer service through professionalism, respect, loyalty, accountability, and leadership while generating revenue in support of the Department’s and University’s overall financial planning.


Our vision is to provide exceptional products, services, and solutions in a fiscally responsible manner while enhancing our reputation as leaders in service excellence, educational support, and innovative thinking.


Food Services with Dana Hospitality

Conference Services



Ancillary Services

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