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EV charging stations now active

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EV Charging Station Procedure

  • Download the FLO–EV Charging (EVC) Network App
  • Locate charging station on app map
  • Select station
  • Plug and charge

Using the EV Charging Parking Space

There is a four-hour limit for parking in an EVC space. After four hours, the charging rate will increase to $5/hr ($7/hr in visitor parking lot). This is to encourage turnover after four hours to allow others to use the car charger.

The spaces are not to be used by a vehicle that does not need electric charging, nor should they be occupied by a car that possesses a full charge.

The chart below illustrates charging options available depending on the lot location and whether the user is a permit holder or a visitor. The units installed around campus are different from one another and carry different charging capabilities.

Visitor parking lots (Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall and W.A. Murphy Student Centre) – $4/hour ($2/hour charging fee + $2/hour parking fee).

These spaces are not to be used as a location for loading/unloading or as a place for visitors to wait for passenger pick-up/drop-off. There will be a parking fee for use of the space.  After four hours, the rate increases to $7/hour.

Staff/student permit holder parking lots - $2/hour charging fee. The appropriate valid UPEI parking permit must be displayed. After four hours of charging, the rate increases to $5/hour.


  1. Charging station - charging indication light

The EVC stations have a light that indicates when a car is charging. This light is blue when a car is charging and green when a charger is available.  It is a parking violation if a car is parked in an EVC space and not charging the vehicle (the light on the charger is not blue). This violation is subject to a parking ticket and/or towing.

EV Charger Locations on Campus

a chart showing the locations and cost of use for EV chargers on the UPEI campus

Note: Blanchard Hall will be added this summer.

If you have questions or concerns, please email