ACENET Basics: Job Scheduling with Slurm workshop on September 23

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UPEI faculty and students are invited to attend a free online workshop, "ACENET Basics: Job Scheduling with Slurm," on September 23 from 10 to 11:30 am.

This workshop is designed for new HPC users, or for experienced users either transitioning to Slurm or seeking to improve efficiency with the scheduler. The Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s (Alliance) national systems use a job scheduler called “Slurm”. In this session you will learn how Slurm works and how it allocates jobs, helping you to minimize wait time by framing reasonable requests; ask for only the resources you need, to improve efficiency; increase throughput; run more jobs simultaneously; and troubleshoot and address crashes. Prerequisites: Completion of Introduction to Linux and Introduction to Shell Scripting, or prior experience with both.