Workshop on Creating Branching Scenarios

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Robertson Library, Room 265

A branching scenario is online interactive learning content. It focuses on decision making, a skill that everyone of us has to do well in a variety of ways on a daily basis. A branching scenario begins with some sort of context-specific story with a problem to solve. The learner is given choices and is asked to make one. Each choice has a consequence which is the feedback that helps the learner to understand the value of the decision made. Each consequence produces new challenges and more choices. The result is that learners can practice making decisions and develop skills in a low-stakes environment. Branching scenarios are good lead-ups to clinics or simulations that prepare learners for real-world experiences they will have to face. This workshop will be offered on two separate dates. Once on Thursday, October 24, and again on Wednesday, November 20, in Room 265 of the Robertson Library. REGISTER