Collaborations and Facilities

A cornerstone of the new UPEI Faculty of Medicine will be the collaboration with other health-related academic and research programs at UPEI (i.e., Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering; Doctor of Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine, Bachelor of Science in Climate Change and Adaptation programs; and UPEI Health-Centred Research Clinic). The Faculty of Medicine will also collaborate with Health PEI, government, the various medical and physician organizations, allied health sectors, and communities from tip-to-tip to best serve Islanders and contribute to health care on PEI.

UPEI Health and Wellness Centre Clinic

The on-campus UPEI Health and Wellness Centre clinic will be expanded from serving students, faculty, and staff to serving the general public. In addition to providing clinical opportunities for medical students, the Clinic will be a model for primary care delivery providing service to 10,000+ patients, helping to reduce the waitlist for family doctors dramatically and relieving the pressure on Island walk-in clinics, emergency rooms, outpatient departments, and thus physicians.


UPEI has identified a site location on the north campus for a new facility to house the new Faculty of Medicine and accommodate the expanded UPEI Health and Wellness Centre as well as the UPEI Psychology Training Clinic, which trains graduate students in the Doctor of Psychology program (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts). The site location was chosen with accessibility for the public in mind.

UPEI is also working with Health PEI to identify the infrastructure needs in PEI hospitals and centres to support a Faculty of Medicine.