Sessional Instructors - School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences - Faculty of Science (Winter 2020)

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School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Sessional Instructors
Winter 2020

The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the University of Prince Edward Island has three opening for sessional instructors during the forthcoming Winter 2020 semester. These positions are subject to final budgetary approval.

CS-1610 Digital Systems

This course provides an introduction to digital systems, beginning with elementary components such as logic gates, from which are constructed components such as adders and comparators, and progressing to more complex systems such as programmable logic devices, memory and processor units. Students acquire skills in the design and analysis of combinational and sequential digital systems, CAD design and simulation tools for complex systems, and construction of digital systems based upon a modular methodology.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

COREQUISITE: Computer Science 1610L

PREREQUISITE: Computer Science 1910 (formerly 1510) or Engineering 1310 and three semester hours of Mathematics

3 hours credit


CS-1910 Computer Science I

This course is an introduction to computer programming and is designed for both Computer Science majors and non-majors. Emphasis is on problem solving and software development using a modern high level object-oriented language. Topics include: the programming process; language syntax and semantics; data types; expressions; input and output; conditionals; loops; arrays; functions/methods and text files. The course follows an "objects late" strategy, deferring in-depth discussions of object-orientated concepts to Computer Science 192.

Monday, Wednesday 1:30 – 2:45 pm

COREQUISITE: Computer Science 1910L

PREREQUISITE: Grade XII academic Mathematics

3 hours credit


MATH-1910 Single Variable Calculus I

This course is an introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of a single variable. The course is intended primarily for majors in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Engineering and the Physical Sciences, as well as those planning to continue with further Mathematics courses. The concepts of limits, continuity and derivatives are introduced and explored numerically, graphically and analytically. The tools of differential calculus are applied to problems in: related rates; velocity and acceleration; extrema of functions; optimization; curve sketching; and indeterminate forms. The concepts of definite and indefinite integrals are introduced, and the relation between the two integrals is discovered via the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.   (Note: An Assessment Test will be administered during the first week of classes and students who do not pass the Assessment Test will be required to attend an additional Pre-Calculus Review tutorial if they wish to remain in the course.)

Monday, Wednesday Friday 9:30 – 10:20 am / Wednesday 3:30 to 4:20 pm


PREREQUISITE: Grade XII academic Mathematics

4 hours credit


MATH-3010 Differential Equations

This course introduces the basic theory of differential equations, considers various techniques for their solution, and provides elementary applications. Topics include linear equations; separable equations; linear independence and Wronskian; second-order equations with constant coefficients; nonhomogeneous equations; applications of first- and second-order equations; Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms, and their application to initial-value problems; series solutions about ordinary and singular points; and Fourier series.

 Monday, Wednesday Friday 9:30 – 10:20 am


3 hours credit


Successful applicants should hold a Master’s degree in Mathematics or a related field, or an equivalent combination of qualifications and experience.  Applicants should have experience in teaching, research or industry practice related to the course content.

Preference will be given to qualified candidates with seniority on the UPEI Sessional Roster of the academic unit.

Application Instructions:

Applicants should specify the course they are applying to teach, submit a curriculum vitae and names of three referees to:

Dr. Shannon Fitzpatrick, Interim Associate Dean

School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences University of Prince Edward Island

550 University Avenue

Charlottetown, PE   C1A 4P3


In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority. UPEI is committed to the principle of equity in employment.

Closing date for applications is July 24, 2019

UPEI encourages all qualified applicants to apply for job openings; however, in keeping with the terms and provisions of the university’s various employment and collective agreements, first priority will be given to internal candidates.