Software Developer (5-6 positions)

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Summerside, PE


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At BluWave-ai our mission is to deliver innovative AI solutions to accelerate the transformation towards renewable energy. We apply AI to increase the use of clean energy in smart grids and microgrids with distributed energy resources and demand response. We are driving the transition to electrification of transportation as the grid becomes the local gas station. We are looking for software developers that are inspired by generalizing designs at all layers to handle different types of data to join us to build our software-as-a-service platform.  We invite you to read our story on our About Us page, our products pages, and we'll shared some info about our technology stack when we meet!

The goal of BluWave-ai is to drive the transition from a centralized, carbon-based energy model to the point where clean energy can be produced by almost anyone, anywhere, aided by advanced real-time computing to optimize its generation and use.

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—           Senior Frontend WebApp Developer

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