National Research Council Meet and Greet

Event Date:
Thursday, April 4, 2024, 3:00 pm
Atlantic Veterinary College
286 AN

Interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)? Meet Drs. James Johnston and Fabrice Berrué, Directors of Research and Development at the NRC’s Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre.

The NRC’s Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre provides scientific research, services and technology development for the sustainable transformation of Canadian agricultural and marine bio-based resources into higher-value products. 

In collaboration with industry, academia, other government departments and stakeholders, the NRC helps address technology and commercialization challenges. Leveraging unique facilities, they offer expertise and R&D support in the following research areas:

1.           Atypical fermentation and bioprocessing

2.           Advancing Marine bioproducts towards commercialization

3.           Algal Bioproduction

4.           Zebrafish Research 

5.           Ocean Monitoring and conservation 

6.           Protein - Plant Processing Ingredients 

7.           Prediction Modelling and Analytics (Ag)

8.           Climate Resilience Agriculture 

9.           Other Technical Services and Facilities (e.g. NMR, Mass spec, etc.)

Following the NRC’s 20-minute presentation, time will be allocated for feedback and discussion with the UPEI research community regarding how these strategic research areas align with your research goals.

Contact Name
Sandra LeClair