Island Lecture Series | "Authentic Prince Edward Island Tourism Experiences: What Locals Have to Say" with Dr. Susan Graham

Event Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 7:00 pm
SDU Main Building
Faculty Lounge
Free to attend

Authenticity in tourism is a hot topic. Can tourism experiences ever really be authentic and truly reflect the character, history, and people of a place? One underrepresented voice in the authentic tourism is that of locals. Using a research panel of 600 islanders, we asked Prince Edward Islanders if it was possible for visitors to experience the ‘real’ PEI, and if so, what kinds of experiences best reflected the place that locals call home. Over 400 respondents enthusiastically proclaimed that indeed it was possible for visitors to glimpse the ‘real’ Prince Edward Island and they identified myriad ways that could happen in areas such as culinary-, cultural-, historical-, and Anne of Green Gables-based experiences. Join us on November 21 at 7 pm to hear more about this research project from Dr. Susan Graham, associate professor of marketing, Faculty of Business.

Contact Name
Megan MacDonald