Teaching Matters! Series - Finding a future beyond “a return to normal” on campus

Event Date:
Thursday, January 27, 2022, 3:00 pm

Note: a recording of this session is available; please contact tlc@upei.ca

Rather than returning to an imagined “normal” that existed in pre-pandemic times, in this talk you are invited to explore the future of our teaching and learning environments. What do they look like? What should they look like? How are they organized, and in what ways should they be designed to be equitable, empowering, and flexible? Grounded in ongoing research projects examining student and faculty experiences with online and remote learning, studies speculating on the future of education, and a healthy dose of hope, this talk invites us to recognize that various pre-pandemic teaching, learning, and institutional practices considered to be “normal” were problematic. What might be better futures for students, faculty, and institutions of higher learning, and how do they capitalize on technology while rejecting its solutionist tendencies?

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Contact Name
Charlene VanLeeuwen - TLC Coordinator