Stephen Peters: Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering Thesis Defense

Event Date:
Monday, October 26, 2020, 9:00 am

Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering Thesis Defense: Stephen Peters

Monday, October 26, 2020
Web conference

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering (MSc-SDE) Thesis Defense of Stephen Peters

Title:  Investigating the effectiveness of a causal MBSE software tool in modelling conceptual CubeSat data


Engineering conceptual design has the highest impact on committed costs in the entire product lifecycle. Yet many data management programs can fail to provide a suitable product definition for engineers during the conceptual design phase. The SAPPhIRE-Model of causality offers a potential method for addressing these issues. It has been shown to provide a rich representation of a wide variety of entities without loss of system definition. This presentation focuses on the implications regarding the implementation of a novel proof of concept tool for managing conceptual design data, structured on the SAPPhIRE-Model. It outlines the methodology and development of the software tool OPAL, created specifically to act as a SAPPhIRE-Model based systems engineering tool. Furthermore, an empirical study involving engineering participants was conducted to evaluate OPAL’s ability to support conceptual design processes. This research concluded that OPAL, and consequently SAPPhIRE, is effective for representing satellite subsystems, and that further research should be conducted to further explore its potential within the product lifecycle.


The presentation and examination will be presented via a web conference. Please RSVP to Lisa Sanderson ( for the information to connect if you wish to attend, by Friday, October 23, at 10:00 am.   

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Lisa Sanderson