Emergency Preparedness and Response

UPEI is committed to creating a safe and healthy living, learning, and working environment. The health and safety of our students, employees, and other campus users are the highest priority.

Emergency Preparedness and Response at UPEI is managed by the Emergency Planning Committee, under the direction of the Office of the Vice-President Administration and Finance.

Being prepared at UPEI means to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergencies that could affect the University community.

The goal is to have a comprehensive plan extending from all levels of emergency personnel down through the individuals that make up our community to prevent situations that cause emergencies. This means:

  • Preparing people for the procedures to follow should an emergency occur;
  • Having a well collaborated response from the University through the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to effectively mitigate any emergency;
  • Being ready and able to recover quickly from emergency events so that the UPEI campus can return to normal operating conditions.
Emergency Preparedness

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