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photo of a large group of people at a barbecue
Hundreds of students, staff, and faculty attended the Hello, Summer! Barbecue hosted by President Rodgers.

The following message was also distributed by email to UPEI students, faculty, and staff on June 17.

Dear UPEI students, staff, and faculty,

I was so pleased to kick off summer, show Panther Pride, and gather together last week at the “Hello, Summer” barbecue.  We welcomed summer and it welcomed us back with great weather! It was great to see so many of you sporting the green and white, enjoying the festive atmosphere, and having great conversations. The turnout was fantastic—better than expected; we had to order more food!  A big thank you to Dana Hospitality, Jared and team, and the those in the Office of the President, IT Systems and Services, Facilities Management, and Ancillary Services, and others who put the event together on rather short notice!  It was also great for me to meet so many people—I can’t promise to remember everyone’s name—so please say hi and remind me when next I see you.  

June marks not only the beginning of summer but also National Indigenous History Month (and National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21) and Pride Month in Canada. These are important reminders to work together to create a respectful, positive, and inclusive environment for all members of the University community.

I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome since I arrived. I have been meeting as many UPEI leaders as possible including student, union, faculty, senior administration, government, and others. What I have heard is that they all have the best interests and well-being of not only their constituents, but of the entire University top of mind. They have all acknowledged that everyone has been through a lot over the last couple of years. We all appreciate and respect that each individual’s, unit’s, institutional, and community response will take its own time and course. In parallel, all leaders have also consistently indicated a strong will to move forward, and for the University to take its next steps on an exciting journey.

In the coming weeks and months, we will have opportunities to engage with each other, to express our goals and aspirations for our own futures and the future of the University. You will see more events, town-hall meetings, and other invitations and opportunities to develop discussions to inform the development of a strategic plan for the next five years coming soon.  

I am honoured to lead and to support UPEI and all members of the University community through defining our strategy and continuing our journey to reach our individual and collective full potential.

With best wishes,


Wendy M. Rodgers, PhD (she/her)
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Prince Edward Island

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