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Darragh Clayton, Jacob Durden, and Brianne Harper
Darragh Clayton, Jacob Durden, and Brianne Harper

The UPEI Arts Review group held a book launch on Wednesday, May 1, for its latest publication, Into a New Tongue, a collection of academic and creative writing. Members of the campus community gathered in Schurman Market Square, Don and Marion McDougall Hall, to celebrate the creative skills of UPEI students from various degree programs, and the only printed, student-led publication of its kind at the University.

Into a New Tongue was selected from the Walt Whitman poem, Song of Myself, and explores themes of liberty, identity, mythology, and connection, which are the chapter titles. The Arts Review launch provides a platform for students to share and celebrate their work while also recognizing the achievements of the editing board and the collaborative effort behind the publication. Thirteen students contributed their essays, poetry, artwork, and other projects to the book: Kate Jensen, Ethan Drake, Keridwen Cambell, Margret Orford, Kylee Bustard, Koraleigh Ahearn, Mallory Travis, Jennifer Platts-Flanning, Jared Simmonds, Austin Lynds, Aurora Ryder, Barbara Rousseau, and Jon Debly. Editors are Arielle Dunn, Brianne Harper, Darragh Clayton, Jacob Durden, Sofia Cervantes, Julia Drummond, Oliver Chaffey, and Nick Hildenbrand.

“Being involved as an editor for this year’s edition has been an invaluable experience,” said Harper. “Collaborating with other editors, the editors-in-chief, and working with talented students to bring the book together has been incredibly rewarding. This opportunity has given me a deeper appreciation for the creative voices within our community and the significance of artistic expression.”

Harper added that the Arts Review is not only a platform for highlighting current student talent but will hopefully encourage future students to participate and contribute.

Jacob Durden has been involved with the Arts Review both as a contributor and as an editor. He says editing forces him to really engage with the work of fellow students, makes him a better writer and reader, and helps him to get to know the artist.

“The Arts Review is a vessel through which many of UPEI's best artists have shared their work for years. It's always a huge honour to be involved in the process of putting it together. I’m consistently impressed by the quality of writing that we get from UPEI students every single year. The launch is a small way to celebrate that!”

Dr. Greg Keefe, UPEI interim president and vice-chancellor, attended the book launch, and said it was great to witness the creativity and knowledge that these students possess.

“I cannot stress enough how important having strong writing skills is for academic success and for daily life, no matter what career path or vocation we choose to follow. Congratulations to all involved in the creation of this new publication.”

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