UPEI adds one-year stream to Master of Applied Health Services Research program

Applications are still being accepted to new MAHSR-P stream
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Applied Health Sciences building at UPEI
Applied Health Sciences building at UPEI

The University of Prince Edward Island has added a new one-year course-based professional stream to its Master of Applied Health Services Research (MAHSR) program.

Previously, students earned their degree through a two-year thesis-based MAHSR-T stream. Now they can choose either it or the one-year MAHSR-P stream.

Dr. Jennifer Taylor, program lead for the MAHSR program, said it is very exciting to have the one-year course-based professional program come to fruition.

“We have had a thesis-based stream for years, but students are also looking for a course-based non-thesis program that they can complete within one year. It will provide a much-needed, flexible, online option for students and encourage more people to study health services research.”

Health services research is a dynamic field of inquiry that explores the multifaceted aspects of healthcare, encompassing access, costs, quality, delivery, organization, financing, and outcomes, said Taylor. It aims to generate new knowledge about the structure, processes, and effects of health services for individuals and populations.

The recent global pandemic underscored the imperative for evidence-based, research-driven decision-making in health services. Professionals equipped with an understanding of determinants of health, policy expertise, exceptional communication skills, and advanced research skills are poised to possess a distinct competitive advantage provided by the MAHSR program.

The MAHSR program is geared toward those who aspire to excel in health policy, program planning and design, in government, community health agencies or the private sector. Programs are offered at four campuses—Memorial University of Newfoundland, Saint Mary’s University, University of New Brunswick, and University of Prince Edward Island.

Applications are still being accepted for the one-year MAHSR-P stream. Students will be accepted until the program has reached its full complement of students or the program begins. To apply to this or any UPEI program, visit Apply to UPEI.

For more information, please visit the Master of Applied Health Sciences Research website.

Why take the MAHSR-P Program?

One-Year Program: Bid farewell to extended studies! Our fast-track one-year program ensures swift progress toward your graduate degree in applied health services research.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Delve deep into Canadian health policy and services, research methods. Gain invaluable expertise for a competitive edge in your field.

Online Flexibility: Enjoy top-notch online education with interactive seminar-style sessions and primarily synchronous learning.

Global Opportunities: Unlock a variety of career possibilities in Canada and worldwide as a sought-after expert in health services research.

Relationships: Build relationships with award-winning interdisciplinary faculty.

Networking: Engage with key players in health services research, including UPEI’s Health Research Network, Research Nova Scotia, The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research, the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training, GNB Centre of Excellence for Health, CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, and other health services decision-making bodies. Collaborate with students, faculty, and health services decision-makers in online professional workshops.

Professional Development: Develop a strong skill set in conducting and communicating applied health services research valuable for public policy development and evaluation. Join a welcoming, personalized learning environment that focuses on your development as a professional.

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