AVC’s Biomedical Sciences department hosts heartwarming Soup for the Soul event

| Atlantic Veterinary College
Soup for the Soul
Soup for the Soul

Faculty and staff of the biomedical sciences department at the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) ladled out generosity and conversation to hundreds of hungry students at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in February. 

At the February event of Soup for the Soul at the Chaplaincy Centre, the team served up a total of 208 helpings of their homemade brew. They weren’t just in charge of serving up the hearty bowls, they selected the recipes, shopped, chopped, cooked, served, and cleaned up after the final drop was slurped.  

“We gain so much from this event, more than we give,” said AVC’s Dr. Sue Dawson. “It's a chance for us to connect with the larger campus and appreciate the diversity of our community.” 

Suzette Acorn, Jay Penney, Debra MacDonald, Jen Knight, Ingrid MacLeod, Sunny Hartwig, Andy Tasker, and Tammy Muirhead were joined by retirees and Soup for the Soul volunteers, Bob Gray and Donnie MacFadyen, as they rolled up their sleeves for the event. They enjoyed it so much that they booked another date for the soup-er event. 

Soup for the Soul is a mental health and healthy eating initiative by Sister Sue Kid at the Chaplaincy Centre and is a time for students and staff to come together and relax throughout the year.  

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