AVC hosts retirement party for beagles

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Atlantic Veterinary College hosts retirement party for beagles

The Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) recently bid farewell to seven of its most beloved staff members in a heartwarming retirement party.

These distinguished retirees weren't your typical colleagues. They were seven adorable beagles that played an integral role in training future veterinarians at AVC.

“We considered the beagles to be teachers as much as patients and companions for all of us,” said Dr. Jonathan Spears, University Veterinarian. “The students who are taking these dogs have built relationships with them and seeing them officially adopted is absolutely great!”

While the AVC is embracing new teaching methods that rely less on live animals such as models and simulators, the legacy of these furry educators will live on. The doctor of veterinary medicine students will still get hands-on experience through the use of student- and client-owned dogs who have passed a rigorous screening process.

To celebrate the beagles’ dedicated service, the AVC threw a special retirement party on March 27, to mark the occasion. Dr. Dominque Griffon, dean of the College, presented the retirees with personalized certificates of appreciation and goody bags from Ren’s Pets, complete with treats and toys, to enjoy as they embark on a new chapter of relaxation and belly rubs.

“They were amazing ambassadors for the AVC and UPEI and became part of the fabric that makes this place special,” says Spears. “The term ‘retirement’ is really very accurate.”

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