Introducing PEI Climate Stories: Short videos exploring the impacts of climate change on PEI

Introducing PEI Climate Stories: Short videos exploring the impacts of climate change on PEI
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A beareded man in a floppy hat works on a farm
Shepherd Adam MacLean on his farm in South Melville, PEI

The University of Prince Edward Island’s Climate Research Lab, in coordination with ClimateSense, have launched a new series of short videos exploring the impacts of climate change on Prince Edward Island and the adaptation strategies being implemented by Prince Edward Islanders. The series is called PEI Climate Stories and has been released on a special YouTube Channel found at

The PEI Climate Stories series includes four videos:

  • Eric Gilbert from Victoria-by-the-Sea talking about the environmental challenges and adaptation approaches to climate change in a small rural municipality
  • Mike Cassidy voicing his dread about the coastal erosion on PEI and its insidious impacts on his cottage property
  • Shepherd Adam MacLean speaking about the challenges and opportunities from climate change facing his sheep farming at South Melville
  • Mike Cassidy sharing his experience in growing the haskap berry, a more environmentally friendly alternative table berry for Islander farmers

“Prince Edward Island is certainly experiencing the impacts of climate change now, so these videos provide a good testament of the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change by detailing Islanders’ responses,” said Dr. Adam Fenech, director of UPEI’s Climate Research Lab.

The video series is funded by ClimateSense, a consortium of federal, provincial, and university experts for providing training and education on adapting to or living with climate change.

“PEI Climate Stories features Islanders talking about how climate change is impacting their way of life in the province and ways in which they are adapting to or living with climate change,” said ClimateSense project coordinator and video co-producer Ross Dwyer.

The first four short videos were produced last summer with Jeff Eager from Hummingbird House Productions. The team plans to produce four more this summer.

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