A network of kindness supports the UPEI Food Bank

A “perfect storm” of kindness helps stock the food bank’s cupboards with much-needed meat
| Chaplaincy Centre
A smiling male student loads a large box into the back of a vehicle
Co-op student Hani Mayaleh at Larkin Bros. Poultry with fresh supplies for the UPEI Food Bank

A series of kind acts has helped resupply the UPEI Food Bank with some much-needed meat. Megan MacLean, job development coordinator with UPEI’s Co-op Education Program, picks up the story:

“Many staff and faculty on campus have been helping to staff the UPEI Food Bank over the summer months. While the food bank is not typically open during the summer, it has been a necessary resource for many students as a result of COVID-19. After a recent trip to help out at the food bank, UPEI career counsellor, Kylah Hennessey and Sister Sue Kidd, university chaplain, discussed the dwindling stock of meat. Kylah made a connection with me as she had recently run into one of our co-op students who was working at Larkin Bros Poultry. That day, the UPEI Faculty Association had made a monetary donation to the Food Bank, and Sister Sue was keen to utilize that donation for food bank supplies. When I reached out to Rosemary Larkin with Larkin Bros., who is also a UPEI alumna, she was happy to help. They were kind enough to offer a large supply of product at a discount and the food bank freezers are now full.”

“The pandemic has greatly impacted much of our student population and to be able to provide them with healthy food, while also supporting local business is a win-win for us,” said Sister Sue. “We are extremely grateful for the support of the many hands that made this happen.”

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