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Eaglet removed from nest in high-voltage electrical tower

Ensuring the safety of a young eagle
| Atlantic Veterinary College
Eaglet rescue in progress
Dr. Dave McRuer holds the eaglet taken from its nest high in a high-voltage electrical tower. Photo: Murdo Messer

A high-voltage transmission tower in Borden-Carleton, PEI, was the scene of a dramatic event on Wednesday, June 19. With the assistance of Fish and Wildlife PEI and Maritime Electric crews, Dr. David McRuer, wildlife health specialist with Parks Canada and an adjunct professor at AVC, removed an eaglet from its nest, which was located inside the tower structure.

Too young to fly or fend for itself, the young bird had to be removed from its nest for its safety and to protect the power grid. The nest was causing power outages in the area served by the tower. 

Maritime Electric shut down the power to the tower so Dr. McRuer and others involved could work safely. Dr. McRurer was lifted up almost 25 metres in a boom truck and carefully removed the eaglet from the nest. The bird was transported to AVC where it received care from the College’s wildlife service until Sunday, June 22, when it was taken to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Nova Scotia. There it will grow and learn to fly from the other eagles. When it is grown and able to fly, it will be released back on PEI.

Click here to watch an amazing video of the rescue, filmed by Murdo Messer, Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. The eaglet, now known as Borden, can be viewed in its new home in Cobequid through a webcam

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