The Franklin (Frank) Pigot Memorial Lecture Series presents: an unsung hero of PEI education

Marian Bruce will present the story of Alexander Anderson: the lion of Prince of Wales
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As part of UPEI’s 50th anniversary, the Robertson Library is presenting a lecture series to celebrate the historical roots of higher education on Prince Edward Island and its future. The series is named after educator Frank Pigot, honoured as a UPEI Founder for his work building the Library’s PEI Collection and University Archives. The next talk is Tuesday, June 25 at 6:30 pm on the second floor of UPEI’s Robertson Library. PEI writer Marian Bruce will present “The Lion of Prince of Wales: Alexander Anderson—An Unsung Hero of Prince Edward Island’s Education System.”

Anderson was the principal of Prince of Wales College for almost 40 years, from 1862 to 1901. He was chief superintendent of Island schools for a decade and was much revered by his students and admired by the community.

“Of the many teachers I have known,” wrote Sir Andrew Macphail, “he was the best.”

L.M. Montgomery wrote,” of all the teachers I have ever sat under, none was to be compared to Dr. Anderson.”

Diplomat and scholar Joseph Gould Schurman described Anderson as “incomparably the greatest benefactor the Island has had” in education.

Anderson’s gifts to education did not end at the door of the classroom. Despite decades of struggle—including chronic underfunding, overcrowding, woefully unprepared products, and threats to the life of the college—Anderson not only developed an institution renowned for excellence, but also helped raise standards throughout the rural school system. He championed equality for female and extended the hand of friendship to Roman Catholic educators in an era of religious strife.

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