AVC dean leads Deans Council—Agriculture, Food, and Veterinary Medicine

| Atlantic Veterinary College

Dr. Greg Keefe, dean of the Atlantic Veterinary College, has been elected president of the Deans Council—Agriculture, Food, and Veterinary Medicine for a one-year term. He served as president-elect for the past year.

The council includes researchers, educators, and scientists in the five faculties of veterinary medicine and the eight faculties of agriculture housed in 11 universities across Canada.

Focusing on education and training, research, and public service and policy, the members provide scientific expertise and discoveries in areas critical to a sustainable economy, society, and environment. These areas include One Health, animal health, zoonotic diseases, and epidemiology; soil sciences including remediation of damaged sites and thawing permafrost; plant and crop sciences enhancing food production efficiency, quality, and safety; animal genetics, production, and welfare; bioproducts such as biofuels and biodegradable food packaging, and novel food development and processing; and economic and trade policy and consumer/purchaser priorities. They also work toward practical applications of their discoveries for the benefit of food industries, agricultural producers, and local and global communities.


Anna MacDonald
AVC External Relations Officer
Atlantic Veterinary College