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UPEI to lead phase two of regional climate change program

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The Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association (ACASA) has begun phase two of its Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RACII) program for Atlantic Canada through collaboration between Natural Resources Canada and the four provinces. This effort will be lead by the Climate Research Lab at the University of Prince Edward Island. Activities will target issues such as coastal erosion, coastal and inland flooding, infrastructure design, water management and community assessment.

'These initiatives of Natural Resources Canada help us in Atlantic Canada to prepare effectively for climate change and its impacts,' said Dr. Adam Fenech, Director of UPEI's Climate Research Lab. 'The decision makers in our region need relevant tools, knowledge, networks, and policies when it comes to climate change adaptation.'

The work of phase two of the Atlantic Regional Adaptation Collaborative is a project totaling over $691,500 for four tasks:

To establish and support an expert panel on adaptation in Atlantic Canada

  • To enhance the capacity of adaptation practitioners in Atlantic Canada

  • To provide policy analysis and integration

  • To provide coordination, integration, and financial management for the project

'UPEI is extremely proud to host ACASA, and to take on the leadership of the Atlantic RAC,' said Dr. Robert Gilmour, Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies at UPEI. 'This partnership has enabled the provinces to build capacity for climate change adaptation through training sessions and conferences on adaptation and climate modeling. This is another exciting step toward ensuring we're prepared in Atlantic Canada for the changes ahead.'

ACASA is operated with federal support through Natural Resources Canada's Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program. A changing climate presents both risks and opportunities for Canada's regions and resource sectors, and collaboration across multi-jurisdictional areas is important. To promote such collaboration, Natural Resources Canada is reinvesting in the Regional Adaptation Collaborative program to increase adaptation awareness and capacity at the regional level. The ACASA will be a focal point for adaptation knowledge, information, resources and expertise in Atlantic Canada.

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