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UPEI Student Union Awards Ceremony 2007-2008

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The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) Student Union recognized and thanked its numerous volunteers and staff for their contributions to the success of the organization during its annual awards ceremony held on March 28.

Approximately 100 UPEI students, faculty and staff gathered at the event to show their appreciation to those chosen by the union to be honoured.

Dr. Ron Collins, of the School of Business, received the Faculty of the Year Award, presented by executive vice-president Janelle Pitre. This award is presented to a faculty member in appreciation for their outstanding contribution to student life.

Student Union President Willy Gauthier presented William MacDonald with the Councillor of the Year Award. Will was also coordinator of the annual Shinerama Event and Festivities, and led UPEI to win the award of the Best Overall Campaign.

The Nexus Yearbook Appreciation Award was presented by Lloyd MacKenzie, Yearbook Editor, to Caitlyn Darrach.

The Cadre Volunteer of the Year was presented by Lucas McInnis, Editor-in-Chief, to Brodie Birt.

The Wave Bartender of the Year was presented by Brodie Craswell, Assistant Manager, to Allyson Leduc.

The Wave Server of the Year was presented by Micheline Briand, Head Bartender, to Shannon Ochsner.

Student Union Security Officer of the Year was presented by Ryan Perry, Student Union Security Chief, to Adam Clow and Christina Buell.

UPEI Student Union Executive 2007-2008 President Willy Gauthier and other Executive members were honoured with an Appreciation Award for their valuable contribution to the UPEI Student Union.

Photo: Janelle Pitre presents Dr. Ron Collins with the Faculty of the Year Award.


Melissa Andrews
UPEI Student Union

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