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University of Prince Edward Island appoints new registrar

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Dr. Vianne Timmons, UPEI's vice-president of academic development, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kathleen Kielly, from the University of Northern British Columbia, to the position of registrar effective July 1, 2008.

'We are thrilled that Ms. Kielly is taking on this very important position,' says Timmons, who is currently acting registrar. 'Our focus is on making sure that our students receive the best possible experience at UPEI. Ms. Kielly's extensive experience as registrar at UNBC, strong leadership skills and passion for students ensure that she is the right person for the job.'

Kielly is very pleased about her new position.

'The opportunity to work with the University of Prince Edward Island is very exciting for me,' she says, 'The student-centred environment nestled within a strong sense of community makes for a very inviting and receptive place to be. I look forward to working with the dedicated team of professionals at the University and supporting the University's vision for access and excellence.'

A native of Newfoundland, Kielly has worked in the support of education throughout her entire working career. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta and attended the University of Manitoba Centre for Higher Education Research and Development University Manager's Course. She has worked at Memorial University, the Alberta Teachers' Association and the provincial Department of Education in Alberta. She is currently the registrar and secretary to the senate at the University of Northern British Columbia.

She is active in provincial, regional, national and international organizations relevant to her work, and has been involved as an organizer or a presenter in a number of educational conferences, most recently the 2006 Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the 2007 BC Council on Admissions and Transfer Degree Partnering Symposium, and the 2007 Canadian Banner User's Conference.


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