Seniors College of PEI to Host Atlantic Conference on Seniors' Learning

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The Seniors College of Prince Edward Island, a board-governed organization affiliated with UPEI, is hosting an Atlantic Canada conference on seniors' learning from August 26 to 28 at the University, with a view to duplicating the success of the College in other parts of the country.

The Conference will first explore the Seniors College model, determining the reason for its explosive growth. It will continue by examining models for seniors' learning in the other Atlantic provinces and in the rest of Canada. It is open to members of the public and to representatives of organizations and institutions interested in seniors' learning. Although it is aimed at a regional audience, national and international organizations concerned with seniors' learning will also be present.

Presentations and discussions will be held in the Faculty Lounge, Main Building at UPEI. Some of the topics on the agenda include the history and development of the PEI Seniors College model; seniors' learning models in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland; and the work of the McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement. There will be a panel discussion by representatives of Community School, the Centre for Life-long Learning, Holland College, and the PEI Seniors' Federation. The final conference session will be an open discussion on strategies for the future, followed by concluding remarks by UPEI President Wade MacLauchlan.

The conference has been made possible by a grant from the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre, which is the Atlantic Canada arm of the Canadian Council on Learning. For further information, see or contact Bruce Garrity, Seniors College Co-ordinator, (902) 894-2867,


Bruce Garrity
Seniors College Co-ordinator