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UPEI Business Student Wins Top-Level Millennium Award

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A third-year business student at the University of Prince Edward Island was recognized recently by the Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation awarded Matthew O'Halloran a top-level in-course scholarship valued at $10,000 over two years. Only 100 Tier 1 awards are given out each year across the country.

"These excellence awards are both an investment in the future of our country and a way of recognizing some exceptional Canadians. The Foundation's millennium excellence award laureates come from many different backgrounds and have lots of different interests, yet they all share an ability to inspire those around them through their achievements, their leadership and their dedication," said Gand#233;rard Veilleux, chairman of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation is a private and independent organization created by an act of Parliament in 1998. It encourages Canadian students to strive for excellence in their post-secondary studies.


Anne McCallum
Media Relations and Communications

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