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Centre for Life-Long Learning to Coordinate

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A $45,000 grant from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and PEI Business Development will allow thirty PEI small- and medium-sized businesses to undergo the Jump Start Your Business process developed by Doug Hall, founder and chair of the famous Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnatti. The training will be run by ProfitLearn PEI, a unit within the Centre for Life-Long Learning at the University of Prince Edward Island.

The Jump Start process begins with a one-day coaching workshop which inspires companies to develop the marketing messages that drive sales and marketing success. After the workshop, the companies will receive two research reports from the Eureka! Ranch headquarters, quantifying the improvement in their marketing messages and giving ideas on further enhancements. As an additional support, PEI Business Development will provide follow-up coaching to help ensure the companies translate their new insights into business success.

The Jump Start Your Business process on PEI will be exactly the same as the process offered by Eureka! Ranch in Cincinatti to companies such as Procter and Gamble, Ford Motor Company, Bank of America, and Walt Disney.

Doug Hall, a summer resident with great affection for PEI, made his business fortune advising major corporations. Eureka! Ranch think tank has been named Number One in America by Inc. Magazine, CIO Magazine, and AandE Top 10. While he spends much of his time working with Fortune 500 corporations, his heart remains with smaller entrepreneurs, as can be read in his books and heard on his national public radio show "Brain Brew".


Marg Weeks
Centre for Life-Long Learning

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