What Students Say

“The UNIVERSITY 100 program, designed to provide students with a graceful transition from high school to university, has played a pivotal role in my university experience. Spearheaded by inspired professors, the program encourages students to enter university with confidence, enthusiasm, and the willingness to explore the great potential of the University of Prince Edward Island. I can say with assurance, UNIVERSITY 100 enriched my experience by encouraging university involvement while providing strategies to maintain a successful academic workload—useful skills that will guide me through my future years at UPEI—and beyond!" —KELSEY MOORE is in 4th-year Arts, majoring in Psychology and English

"UNIVERSITY 100 was a huge advantage to my university education. The knowledge I picked up helped in the areas of studying, writing, and oral presentation skills, which are essential to future educational success. My professor’s positive approach not only benefitted me skill-wise, but also decreased the amount of anxiety that I had during my transition from high school to UPEI. ll in all, I strongly recommend the UNIVERSITY 100 course for all incoming students, as it will be a benefit to all, in some way, shape, or form!" –CORY STEVENSON graduated in 2008 with his BA degree in English & Political Studies

"I have to say that I was overwhelmed coming into first-year university, as it is very different from high school. After a week of classes I decided that I needed help, so a classmate suggested UNIVERSITY 100. I learned things such as good study skills
and critical thinking strategies, but most of all I was given the confidence that I needed to succeed at the university level. It helped that I had a great professor who really cared about her students’ success. Now I am going into my third year with the confidence I need to complete my degree."
—JONATHAN GALLANT is in 4th-year Biology

"UNIVERSITY 103W ONLINE was convenient and flexible. As a mature student returning to school full time, I had to juggle family and work commitments on top of studies. The online format was perfect for me and my schedule. I credit University 103W Online with making my transition back to school so much easier. With the skills set taught and encouragement from the instructor, I was ready to tackle the demands of my undergrad program. Today I’m employed full time, pursuing my graduate studies in business and accounting, and still utilizing the skills I learned in this course." —MICHELLE KOUGHAN BBA UPEI business graduate, class of 2004

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